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Xmas page for the Deviant Muse

Alice Kit available at Deviant Scrap


Expressly Aged

Click on the picture for a large version.

“Expressly Aged”, a preview layout combining the School Express kit and the Aged Film overlays, both available now at Deviant Scrap.

Accepted at Deviant Scrap, kits for sale “any hour now”.

I’m pleased to say that I’ve been accepted at Deviant Scrap, and that my first two big kits and a set of papers will be on the store for the big Thanksgiving sale this weekend. I also hope to be featured in the excellent DS newsletter. My thanks to Hollie for her guidance and effort on my behalf. These kits should be live and purchasable very soon…

“Alice Theater”, traditional paper theater of the Victorian era.

“School Express”, a magical journey in the carriage of an old-fashioned steam train!

Two packs submitted

First two DS packs submitted! Just wanting for the verdict now. I guess some things will need to be changed, but hopefully not too many!

Coming soon

Being submitted for approval soon at Deviant Scrap, my Alice Theatre…

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