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Preview of my next big kit

Previews of my finished-and-forthcoming kit, called Dinosaur Safari. It’s aimed at those who want to do scrapping with young adventurers (aged about 5-7), so hopefully the combination of dinosaurs, rocket ships, the moon, a robot bird, steampunk machines, etc will appeal to them. I hope to get this listed on the Deviant Scrap Store from 26th December 2011…

Note that the “freeze ray” is completely harmless, and is just meant to make dinosaurs stand still for 20 seconds — so that your hero can take their photograph! 🙂

My kit can be used as a usual scrap kit, but is built around an original children’s illustrated story book. So that means you also get a PDF book with the start of the story, showing sample layouts with a facing storyline…

…and a full Microsoft Word template for creating your own 9″ x 7″ book, to send to a print-on-demand service such as Blurb.

There’s also an educational factsheet on the dinosaurs, with activities suggested.


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One thought on “Preview of my next big kit

  1. brimmer on said:

    Looks super!!!

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