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Cute little ghostie freebie

A cute little ghostie freebie element for Halloween, complete with a faint edge-glow, from Mister Whiskers at Deviant Scrap…

Click the picture to see the large version, then right-click and “save as…”.


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3 thoughts on “Cute little ghostie freebie

  1. Andrea Boyer on said:

    Oh Mister Whiskers, I’m so excited you exist! I was just sitting here thinking, “gee whiz, I’d love it if somebody was out there making sci fi/fantasy kits and content.” And then I went to Deviant Scrap and found you! What software do you use, mostly Poser? I have Vue, and have not figured out how to make it work right for me just yet. I also have Fractal Terrains and Campaign Cartographer, and have been busy making maps of the fantasy worlds I wish to create. I’m so excited to incorporate your products!

    Are you going to have a DSD sale?


    Your new biggest fan.

  2. Hi Andrea! Yes, a big 40% sale starts for me just after midnight British time, tonight. That’s about one hour away now. Watch my Deviant Scrap store.

    Poser mostly, some Blender. Vue I’ve never got on with – it’s too slow, too old.

    You can also subscribe to my new email newsletter – first issue at the end of November: Subscribe to the Mister Whiskers newsletter list.

    • Awesome, thanks! Just subscribed to the newsletter, and will be making a purchase here shortly.

      Just downloaded Daz. It looks extremely user-friendly, and you can’t beat the price!

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