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Freebie and new Gnome kit – available now!

Mister Whiskers returns! Yes, life intervened, as it is inclined to do. Which meant I took nine months away from making full kits, other than the Deviant Scrap designer group collabs such as Paris 1924 and the MUSEum. Thanks to Hollie and my CT team for being so understanding over my absence!

But now my new Gnome kit is live on the store. 40% off, for the first week! It works well in combination with my Forrest Stump and Fairy Tales kits, and together they make a wonderful megakit. If you especially enjoy the new fairytale dragon, my Special FX kit can supply some fire.

mr_whiskers_gnome_promo_900px Visit the store to buy the new kit

And here’s the simple freebie that goes with the kit. A semi-transparent ‘magic gnome door’ that can turn any hillside or tree trunk into a portal into fairyland…

mr_whiskers_gnome_door_freebie To download, click on the picture to see the full-size version. Then right-click and “save as…”

Where will it lead you?


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