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Mister Whiskers runs away with the Circus!

The Deviant Scrap website and store is now named Mischief Circus! Yes, we ran away with the Circus!

Over the past 4½ years, Deviant Scrap grew so much! Hollie’s dream of having a haven for alternate scrap became a full multi-ring circus of great designers! So to recognize who we are today, on 1st September 2014 DeviantScrap changed its name to Mischief Circus!


Though our name has changed, we will continue to reach new creative heights and promise you will always find fun digital mischief under our new big top tent!

We are celebrating this event with a brand new collaborative themed set of scrap kits: Halloween @ Mischief Circus. This haunting tale tells a story of the darker side of the circus. A place where the shadows play tricks and not all is quite as it seems. Here’s the preview for my Misters Whiskers Circus kit


Though the website changeover had a few gremlins, such as unexpected security alerts when people tried to shop on the new site, these gremlins should all have been chased away by now. Enjoy!


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