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Photoshop: how to restore the missing edge-transform on a layer

The Problem: Every so often Photoshop will completely loose the ability to re-size a pasted element (layer). Layer 1 can still be selected and re-positioned, but the familiar dotted line and edge-handles for re-sizing your element… have mysteriously vanished.

Attempted solution (incorrect): View | Show Layer Edges results in a fixed blue square outline around the pasted element, which isn’t what’s needed at all.

Attempted solution (correct): The actual way to restore this vital feature has nothing to do with the View menu. It’s actually a tick-box, which appears when you select the Move tool. Tick Show Transform Controls, and you’ve got your familiar layer edges back again…


Baby Frost

Three freebies, and a new character, for my popular Jack Frost and Jill Frost scrap kits.

“Welcome to our winter wonderland…”:

“Baby watch the stars…”:

“Catch this snowball…”:

40% to 70% off all kits from Mister Whiskers

The Birthday Bash sale is now on! 40% to 70% off all kits from Mister Whiskers. Plus fun, challenges and coupons online with Mischief Circus.

Steampunk Watches

New and on sale now, ‘Watches’ from Mister Whiskers. The finest vintage pocket-watches from the era of steam, as large PNG elements. Vital for steampunk adventurers, time travellers or even Alice’s White Rabbit (“I’m late!”). Time is ticking on the 30% introductory discount!

New: Stage Designer kit

Spring onto the stage with your new Stage Designer kit. Vintage theater designs, made ready for the theater of your imagination by Mister Whiskers. Currently starring: The Great 25% Discount!


New and on sale! Steampunk Hats 2

New and on sale now. Steampunk Hats 2, a companion kit for the popular Steampunk Hats kit (which was released earlier this month). Another 24 hat elements, and there’s a hat-lifting 20% discount for a limited time!


Candy Party

Just realised I’ve never posted my Candy Party kit on this blog!


New and on sale now: Steampunk Hats

New and on sale now. A Steampunk Hats mini-kit of 21 photographic elements, by Mister Whiskers. There’s a hat-lifting 20% discount, for a limited time!


And here’s a freebie “feathery bit” element for my blog readers, to add feathers to suitable hats. Not quite kit-quality, but a pretty good cutout considering that it has fine feathers!


New Mister Whiskers kit, part of the “Fantastical Steampunk” CYOC

The new CYOC collab is now live at Mischief Circus! “Fantastical Steampunk” is the theme, and of course there’s a large new Mister Whiskers kit for your digital art enjoyment.


Buy more than $14.99 worth of the CYCO’s kits, and you also get a huge freebie kit!


New kit – In The Doghouse

A new mini-kit, “In The Doghouse”. Available now, just add dogs!


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