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New kit: 50 Vintage Animals

Available now, my new kit 50 Vintage Animals. With a roaringly-good 40% discount, for a limited time.


New kit – Shadow Theatre

The Haunting: Shadow Theater, part of the large The Haunting set of CYOC kits.

Demo backdrop (above) not included in kit.

DSD sale – now on!

Mister Whiskers DSD sale, now on. Big reductions!

Coming soon…

New freebies! Three vintage British postcard backs

Three vintage British postcard backs, free from Mister Whiskers. Un-used, crisply photographed and hi-res at around 5k!

For making card fronts, you may also find useful the free Mailart Rubberstamp Font which is fairly close to the sort of titles font you might see on 1920s postcards.

New Kit: Gents & Rogues

New and available now, Gents & Rogues – vintage men and some ladies who loved them, a full kit containing 50 elements plus papers. With a moustache-twirling 30% introductory discount!

Amazing Robots!

New, and available now: my Amazing Robots kit.

New kit: Good Vibes

New kit! Mister Whiskers’s “Good Vibes”, part of the big new CYOC set of kits from the designers at Mischief Circus.

Spend more $14.99 on the big selection of Good Vibes CYOC kits, and get a huge freebie kit with 145+ elements & 45 papers.

New, ‘Fabulous Frames’ kit!

New and available now, Fabulous Frames has 60 vintage frames to enhance your art. ‘Get the edge’, by grabbing the 30% special introductory discount!

Photoshop: how to restore the missing edge-transform on a layer

The Problem: Every so often Photoshop will completely loose the ability to re-size a pasted element (layer). Layer 1 can still be selected and re-positioned, but the familiar dotted line and edge-handles for re-sizing your element… have mysteriously vanished.

Attempted solution (incorrect): View | Show Layer Edges results in a fixed blue square outline around the pasted element, which isn’t what’s needed at all.

Attempted solution (correct): The actual way to restore this vital feature has nothing to do with the View menu. It’s actually a tick-box, which appears when you select the Move tool. Tick Show Transform Controls, and you’ve got your familiar layer edges back again…

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