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Freebie for the Steampunk kit

Here’s a little freebie, an element that didn’t make the final cut of my new Steampunk scrapkit. It’s a Victorian-style luggage or flower-market porter’s barrow…

Click on the image for the full-size version


The secrets of steampunk

Well, I didn’t plan it at all. But it’s a nice marketing combo that the latest Digital Artist magazine on the shelves in the USA is on steampunk…

… and I just launched a major new steampunk scrapkit yesterday 😉

Available now: Steampunk: the London Adventure!

My new full kit, now available at Deviant Scrap. Buy Steampunk: the London Adventure!. A full scrapbooking kit of 75 elements, and 9 papers. Commercial use is granted from PRINT use only, for layouts made by individuals, charities, and sole traders.

Freebie: Snow Owl for Birdcages kit

Here’s a freebie Snow Owl for my new “Birdcages” scrap kit, with its unique “put the bird inside” feature!

New “Birdcages” kit – on sale now!

Available now! My new “Birdcages” scrap kit. 12 birdcages and 12 birds, with a unique “put the bird inside” feature!

New “Luck and Fortune” mini-kit

Available now! My new “Luck and Fortune” mini-kit. This was made following a request in the ISO forums at DST.

33 items commonly associated with luck (both good and bad), good fortune, and also the childhood things on which we “make a wish”.

Commercial use for print only, and only for individuals, charities, and sole traders.

New Mini Kit! Toon Animal Safari

Go wild in the tropical jungle, with this new mini-kit scrapkit of fun toon animals!

Get African Mix 2: Toon Animal Safari

It’s an add-on for my much larger African Mix kit.

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