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The Big Sale, now on!

The big sale, now on! Visit Mister Whiskers for bargains.


New and available now: “Darkness” kit.

New and available now, the “Darkness” kit from Mister Whiskers. This is part of the big new CYOC ‘Into the Darkness’ set of kits, made for Halloween by designers at Mischief Circus.

There’s also a huge add-on, free when you spend $9.99 or more on any of the ‘Darkness’ CYOC kits.

New, Mister Whiskers’s ‘Bags’

New and available now. Mister Whiskers’s “Bags” kit. Beautiful vintage bags, plus a few purses and a wallet. 40% introductory discount, for a limited time.

Fixed older Deviant Scrap links

I’ve gone back and fixed some of the old Deviant Scrap links on this blog. Posts before Sept 2014 were partly fixed when the store name changed from Deviant Scrap to Mischief Circus. Now I’ve opened all the old blog posts and checked them, and fixed the Web links if needed.

This means that when you find an older freebie here, you shouldn’t find so many broken links alongside it.

Flash sale – 50% off all Halloween-related kits, for one week!

Flash sale! Get a howling 50% discount on all my Halloween-related kits, for one week only!

Mister Whiskers’s Midnight Masquerade;

Halloween Mischief Circus;

Mister Whiskers’s Glow;

Mister Whiskers’s Fairy Tales;

Nevermore: the complete gothic comic-strip kit (300 elements!);

The Haunting: Shadow Theater;

and the eldritch H.P. Lovecraft Memorial Suite, for fans of the master horror writer.

In the alchemist’s lab…

Phew, well… my trio of alchemical kits is done, with the release of the new kit Alchemist Bottles (and more!) 3. It’s possible there may be one further kit in the series, probably a minikit, if I can source some good pictures of benches and tables on which to place the bottles. But, otherwise, this set of kits is done. They probably won’t sell well, but I just wanted to get these beautiful bottles out there.

Here’s a peek at an old alchemist, and a peek into a real alchemist’s lab. They really did have stuffed crocodiles hanging from the ceiling!

New kit – Alchemist bottles (and more!) 3

New, and available now, Alchemist Bottles (and more!) 3. Hot on the heels of ‘Alchemist Bottles 2’ comes alchemical items other than bottles, and another choice selection of the beautiful bottles. What will you turn to gold, in your alchemical lab?

New kit – Vintage Bits 3

New, and available now, Vintage Bits 3 scrap kit, from Mister Whiskers. With a 40% introductory saving, for a limited time. 30 new vintage goodies and four papers.

New kit: Alchemist bottles 2

Alchemist bottles 2, a new scrap kit available now from Mister Whiskers. More beautifully aged bottles, from the workbench of the last alchemist. With a golden 50% introductory discount, for a limited time!

New kit: Vintage Bits 2

New and available now, Vintage Bits 2. 50 vintage elements, with a bit of a 40% introductory discount!

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